Welcome to our triathlon running pages. The third element of a Triathlon race is the run. For many triathletes running is a love/hate relationship. Running well especially after cycling is not easy. Running effectively and efficiently is also a skill best learnt slowly. The good news is – everyone can improve there running stamina and ability as long as patience and a slow build up over many weeks is applied to the task. Running does become addictive…

Undoubtedly becoming a good runner also can be the difference between a good triathlete and a great triathlete. Good consistent running can be achieved. These pages set out to provide the clues for great running. In addition an area also explored here is the importance of good nutrition during the cycle element to provide the body with the energy it needs to be able to run well.

These pages set out to provide an insight into learning to run well as a triathlete.

“I can’t imagine living and not running” – Paula Radcliffe