MVH annual Shirley Stomp in the Slop

Another year has passed and another opportunity to support Jonny Fitton in his recovery from Christmas excess.

In order to help him get back in race shape we pull together each year as a club and support him by quaffing his Christmas ales and sipping his very finest Sloe Gin and Single Malt. You are cordially invited to eat the remnants of his winter stocks.

This is an event for EVERYONE in the club, whatever your ability and however well you have allowed yourself to get to know Jonny! Please join us………

Despite Mrs Hooley supporting the event in 2015 whilst the Fitton’s moved house, the Shirley Stomp in the Slop returns to its rightful founder and promoter. We are very lucky to have this kind invite each year from Jonny and Louise and I urge you all to join the fun…..

When: Saturday 31st December ready to cycle from Jonny’s at 10am


  • Meet at Jonny’s house in Willington for a 10am DEPARTURE.
  • Steady Bike 10 miles to Shirley. All abilities. No one will be left behind.
  • Lock bikes and change footwear
  • Jog 4.3miles around Osmaston park. This is steady cross country running with multiple stops to regroup. No heroes and no pressure.
  • Steady Bike back to Jonny’s for a warm-up and refreshments.


Jonny lives in Willington. There will be some parking on his drive but there is plenty of parking at the back of the The Dragon pub (The Marina/Station car park) which is a short walk/ride away.

Please see MVH newsletter or Facebook for Jonny’s address and email (Jonny would be very grateful for an email confirming if you are coming and numbers please).


What do you need:

  • Arrive in your cycling gear and shoes
  • Rucksack
  • Bike lock(s)
  • Running shoes/socks. Trail shoes or old trainers advised… is not called the stomp in the slop for nothing!!!!
  • Suggest spare cycling gloves, socks and jersey in  your rucksack if it is wet. We leave the rucksacks with the bikes.
  • LEAVE WARM/DRY CLOTHES BACK AT YOUR CAR OR AT JONNY’S HOUSE. You don’t want to miss the fun bit because you are too wet and muddy!