A MVH week-end captured on camera! – The Bala Weekend, June 2013

It was a Friday night.  The last Friday of June and the weather forecast – thankfully – was predicting at worst cloud, at best sun.  Temperatures rising, rain receding.  It was a good omen.

Workplaces cleared early, cars loaded and MVH’ers took to the A5 and went west.  2 hours and a bit later and the beer tasted just fine!

Saturday morning – 9am, Lakeside at Bala, MVH flags in place, 22 of MVH listened intently to the coaches instructions.  “Ok – as the water may be a bit cool – we will practice fast starts to warm up and then swim in fast, medium and ‘hurry up’ packs of swimmers to the buoy – oh the buoy – you will see it just around the corner…”

Blimey the water was refreshing – so refreshing that Flavia on reaching the buoy was completely speechless with the joy of thinking about getting the hell back and out to warm up…  Great swim.

The cycle routes surpassed expectations.  Climbs to die for, views falling over each other to be photographed and fast ‘tour like’ downhills sweeping rights and lefts and 70+km per hr.  Cycling at its best.

The run – was the run.  Less said the better.  Training over – the call to the bar was loud and clear and MVHers on masse ensured both the restaurant and bar staff were kept busy.  A great evening was had by all.

Sunday morning and for some MVHers – the wind creating force 5-6 waves across the Lake was indeed a glorious and welcome sight.  Best go cycling then …..

20 miles later, cars parked, bikes ready and the time trialers and sprinters were in their element.  12 mile circular circuit, broadly flat, sheltered, lakeside with stunning views.  Heads down, tri bars engaged, pick up the pace.  How fast?  You would have had to be there…  Suffice to say – very fast of course.  And the cafe stop after two laps was just the business.

A week-end of great sport, great company was drawing to a close.  A cracker!  Bring on the next one…

Enjoy the photos.


1 Group.jpg 2 Lake.jpg 3 Group.jpg 4 entering the Cold water.jpg 8 Friends in rubber.jpg 5 Frans and Martin.jpg 6 Martin in the shallows.jpg 7 Sarah on guard.jpg 11 group.jpg 9 Mick et al.jpg 12 Steve.jpg 13 Warren.jpg 10 Sue and Tash Herriman.jpg 14 before cycle.jpg 15 Martin.JPG 16 Caravan park.JPG