Open Water Swimming

Were Open

During the open water season (May to late September) we swim in a local lake at Hilton. The lake is clean and shallow with a swim buoy marked route of approximately 475m around its edge. There are two islands at the North end of the lake which we no longer swim around as this is a blind spot for our ‘spotters’.

From the entry point, the swim route is anti clock wise around the lake and you can always swim to the side if you want to stand up. There are various parts of the shore where you can safely exit the lake should you encounter problems. However it is important that you are competent to swim at least 500 metres continuously in a pool before coming to the lake (see full details in waiver below).

BTF Regulations stipulate that the following restrictions should be applied and these may dictate actual start/end dates for the season:

<11oC: No swimming
11-12oC: 500m Max
12-13oC: 1000m Max
13-14oC: 2000m Max
>14oC: No restrictions

Members and non-members can follow the MVH Tri Club at Hall Croft Farm OW Swim pages on Facebook. This is perfect for staying up to date on season opening/closing, changes in times, closures, safety updates and to share experiences.



The Lavender Patch, Hall Croft Farm, Uttoxeter Road, Hilton, Derby, DE65 5FZ. Click to view the Google map. (please do not contact or visit this location outside the set times orout of season).


Declaration Forms (Waiver)

In order to take part ALL swimmers should fill out and hand in an open water swimming waiver form  the first time they swim. You need to do this once per season.

Please print and bring MVH OPEN WATER SWIMMING Waiver


The session cost to swim remains the same as last year:

-All swimmer now have to be either open water swimming members, or members of MVH Triathlon Club in order to be covered by our insurance.

-For open water members swimming rates will be £5 per swim for adults and £3.50 per swim for juniors as per last year. Your first swim will enlist you as an open water swim member of the club. (This does not entitle you to any other benefits of MVH Triathlon Club unless you become a fully paid up member.)

– MVH Triathlon Club members concessionary swim rates will remain the same as previous years.  Please check the MVH web page or Entry Central for more details or ask the Lavender Patch registrar for details.



This season we offer 2 sessions: Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.

Wednesday evening 18:30 to 19:30 with extension as light and temperature improves (Last swimmer must leave the water at 19:30).
Saturday morning 09:30 to 11:30.

For planning your swimming times – each lap of the Lavender Patch lake, following the buoys, is approximately 475 metres.



There are no lockers or changing room facilities so you will need to arrive ready to swim or change in or near your car. Please take any litter home with you. If you cycle to the site you can lock your bikes on the transition racks adjacent to the registration “office” (storage container!).

A café van (food & hot drinks) will be open on Saturday mornings. Highly recommended!

Parking and getting started

  1. All members and visitors to the site will be required to park in the car park on the right side as you enter the site (an additional paddock may be signposted for busy sessions, taking the left fork where the track splits). Although the car park is quite good with plenty of space we have to remember that this is private land and we have to take care of it or we will lose it! The entrance is a single lane driveway so no speeding and be careful! The owners home is just a stones-throw away from the lake so please be respectful of the property.
  2. Once changed, all swimmers then proceed to the registration, hand in your declaration form and pay.
  3. To enter the lake there is a very short walk to the lake via a small footbridge.
  4. IMPORTANT: All the swimmers are required to sign in and out of the water at the registration point.
  5. The entrance to and exit from the lake is via a sloping platform which, being underwater, requires care to enter.