What to Bring/Wear

What to bring?

Your Bike

Before any ride, always check your bike over to ensure that it is roadworthy. Look especially for potential slow punctures or thorns lodged in the tyres. Never assume that because the brakes worked last time, they will this time, so do a quick check!

Tools and Spares

We recommend that every rider carries the following items:

  • Minimum 1 ideally 2 spare inner tubes
  • Tyre levers
  • Pump or C)2 canisters (and knowing how to use them)
  • Multi-tool

Ideally you should be able to fix a puncture. If you can’t let the lead rider know before you set off and they can arrange for someone to show you. Food and Drink Remaining hydrated on long rides particularly is vital so make sure you bring adequate hydration and food. As a minimum:

  • 750ml of water/energy drink
  • A small snack (flapjack / energy bar)
  • A mobile phone in case of emergency or if you become separated from the group
  • Some cash is also a good idea, we sometimes make a café stop on longer rides
  • Up to date emergency contact details – some of our members wear velcro identity wristbands with emergency contact details inscribed.

What to wear?


Rider safety is paramount which is why no club member will be allowed to participate in any ride without a helmet. There are no exceptions to the rule.


The erratic nature of the British climate means that layers of clothing are ideal. If you are new to cycling be aware that your hands and feet will feel much colder on a bike. Clothing could include a combination of:

  • Short or long cycling bib shorts
  • Base layers
  • One or more cycling top(s)
  • Gloves or mitts in summer
  • Hat/ear warmers to wear underneath your helmet
  • Waterproof/windproof jacket
  • Shoe covers
  • Arm/leg warmers

We love to see our members wearing club kit!


We recommend that riders wear glasses/sunglasses (interchangeable lenses are ideal for different light conditions) which keep the rain, bugs and stones out of your eyes!