*NEW: Winter Cycling Sportifs – 9th February & 23rd March

Sunday 9th FebruaryCheshire Mini Sportif ; 60 miles (£20) or 30 miles (£15).

Event starts at 0900hrs. Location: Poynton Leisure Centre Yew Tree Lane Poynton Cheshire SK12 1PU.

Both routes are relatively flat with a few bumps in them to keep it interesting. Well signed routes, feed station half way round. Free hot drinks and cake at end.


Sunday 23rd MarchCobbler Classic Sportif, Towcester, Northamptonshire. Routes – 81 miles (£25), 65 miles (£25) and 38miles (£17) routes. Prices are after 17% price reduction (if booked before 12th January).

This early season sportive is made up of rolling hills and can be described as flowing allowing riders to keep a good pace. There are no significant hills.


Winter Cycling for Bike & Rider

Your bike:-

Now the winter weather is upon us here are a few tips on helping to prepare
your bike for the winter!
  • If you can afford it have a bike specifically for the winter as your summer race bike will get a bashing.
  • Fit mudguards, ideally 'full' mudguards to keep you and your cycling colleagues drier.
  • Fit cheap heavy winter tyres such as Continental gator skins, these will help prevent punctures and give better grip in the wet.
  • Don't pump your tyres up to max racing pressure, put in 10psi less than when you are racing, you will get a better grip in the wet.
  • Put talcum powder in your tyres to stop the inner tube sticking to the inside.
  • Always carry 2 spare inner tubes, a working pump and a set of Allen keys for emergencies.
  • Make sure your drive chain is well oiled with 'wet proof' oil.
  • Check your brake and gear cables are well greased.
  • Check your brake bocks for wear on a regular basis.
  • Clean your bike regularly, this will keep it in better working order and you will get fewer breakdowns when out on the road.

British winters can throw all sorts of weather at us so be prepared:
  • Get into the habit of checking the weather forecast before your ride
  • Temperatures can range from +15 down to well below zero, so be aware
  • Invest in a good quality under vest that can wick moisture away from the skin
  • Layer up on top of that dependant on the outside temperature
  • Always have an spare light pocket water/wind proof + light fleece with you whatever the weather, you never know! It can be alarming how cold you can get if you have to stop in the open during a winter ride.
  • Invest in some overshoes to keep your feet dry and warm or even winter cycling shoes/boots.
  • Don't make the mistake of cramming your feet into thick socks, it just cuts off the blood circulating to your feet
  • Get gloves that are right for the weather conditions, there are hundreds on the market!
  • Use some sort head protection under and/or over your helmet as modern helmets are vented to keep you cool not warm
  • Remember nutrition, your will sweat as much in the winter as summer so take plenty of fluids and carbs with you.
  • Always have some money and a phone with you, just in case!
  • Carry spare batteries for lights.
  • Winter can be just as enjoyable as riding as in the summer if you are well prepared! 
Also an interesting article/video:-


Stephen Herriman