Cycle Lead Calender 2015

Revitalised Sunday Cycling

Sunday Bike Leads _ Click link
Starting from this coming Sunday 8th February (and subject to weather conditions) the club will be running two cycling groups again. We now have 22 club members who have volunteered to lead rides and so our ability to provide two rides every week will be consistent.
A copy of the cycle lead rota can be viewed on the MVH web site.
The two rides can be defined as;
A faster / longer group – This will typically be cycling faster than 15mph average speed (adjusted to suit those attending) and will typically cover routes between 40 – 60 miles.
A shorter / slower group – This will typically be cycling slower than 15mph average speed (adjusted to suit those attending) and will typically cover routes between 30 – 50 miles.
For both rides the distances ridden are likely to be shorter in the Autumn / Winter months with mileage increasing as the season and member’s fitness progresses.
Please note: The lead cyclist on each ride will keep the group together adjusting the speed to the slowest rider. No one will be left behind
It is likely that most rides will start from Barton Marina at 9am each Sunday morning. However, so as to provide more variety some cycle leads may choose to start their rides from a different location and this will be advertised in the club newsletter and on Facebook with as much notice as possible. Where we can, details of the next ride (distance and location) will also be provided during the week before.
In order to make this a success we need as many riders to attend as possible so please give it a go.

Drafting during Tri Races – BTF regs – How to avoid a penalty!

MVH Tri Club is fortunate to have a BTF triathlon Race referee as one of it’s members – Mick Skivington.  Mick was asked to clarify the BTF rules on Drafting and when are penalties applied.  Mick’s note below really helps.

As a British Triathlon race referee or a Technical official as we are now named I started using the Draft zone display as seen in the photo, at races I was officiating at to help educate competitors by showing  a visual display of what the cycle draft zone looks like in competitions  up to and including middle distance events.

The draft zone is a rectangle measuring seven metres long by three metres wide which surrounds every cycle on the cycle course.

Draft Zone - Foremark 2013

The front edge of the front wheel defines the centre of the leading three metre edge of the rectangle. A competitor may enter the draft zone of another competitor but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 15 seconds is allowed to progress though the draft zone of another competitor. If an overtaking manoeuvre is not completed within 15 seconds, the overtaking cyclist must drop back.

Time penalties and DQ’s will be issued by the referee for infringements. Under new guidelines it is not required for the referee to inform you until the event is completed.

When a competitor is passed by other competitors it is his or her responsibility to drop back out of the draft zone of the overtaking competitor. A competitor is passed when another competitor’s front wheel is ahead of his or hers.

If a competitor is frequently passed by or seen to be frequently passing the same competitor this will be seen as working with, or drafting off that competitor and will be subject to the same penalty as drafting.

 2 minute time penalty

Is given for:

  • 1 violation noted by a motorcycle official or
  • 3 violations noted by a static marshal


Is given for:

  • 2 violations noted by a motorcycle official or
  • 4 violations noted by a static marshal or
  • 3 violations noted by a static marshal and 1 violation noted by a motorcycle official


The draft zone for long distance events is a rectangle measuring ten metres long and three metres wide. A maximum of 30 seconds is allowed to progress through the draft zone of another competitor.


For competitors competing in ITU events at all distances, the draft zone has been increased this year to Twelve metres long and three metres wide. A maximum of 20 seconds is allowed to progress through the draft zone of another competitor

British Triathlon have produced a poster explaining the drafting rules which can be found here

Any queries about drafting or any other Triathlon rules please feel free to contact me any time.

Mick Skivington

A MVH week-end captured on camera! – The Bala Weekend, June 2013

It was a Friday night.  The last Friday of June and the weather forecast – thankfully – was predicting at worst cloud, at best sun.  Temperatures rising, rain receding.  It was a good omen.

Workplaces cleared early, cars loaded and MVH’ers took to the A5 and went west.  2 hours and a bit later and the beer tasted just fine!

Saturday morning – 9am, Lakeside at Bala, MVH flags in place, 22 of MVH listened intently to the coaches instructions.  “Ok – as the water may be a bit cool – we will practice fast starts to warm up and then swim in fast, medium and ‘hurry up’ packs of swimmers to the buoy – oh the buoy – you will see it just around the corner…”

Blimey the water was refreshing – so refreshing that Flavia on reaching the buoy was completely speechless with the joy of thinking about getting the hell back and out to warm up…  Great swim.

The cycle routes surpassed expectations.  Climbs to die for, views falling over each other to be photographed and fast ‘tour like’ downhills sweeping rights and lefts and 70+km per hr.  Cycling at its best.

The run – was the run.  Less said the better.  Training over – the call to the bar was loud and clear and MVHers on masse ensured both the restaurant and bar staff were kept busy.  A great evening was had by all.

Sunday morning and for some MVHers – the wind creating force 5-6 waves across the Lake was indeed a glorious and welcome sight.  Best go cycling then …..

20 miles later, cars parked, bikes ready and the time trialers and sprinters were in their element.  12 mile circular circuit, broadly flat, sheltered, lakeside with stunning views.  Heads down, tri bars engaged, pick up the pace.  How fast?  You would have had to be there…  Suffice to say – very fast of course.  And the cafe stop after two laps was just the business.

A week-end of great sport, great company was drawing to a close.  A cracker!  Bring on the next one…

Enjoy the photos.


1 Group.jpg 2 Lake.jpg 3 Group.jpg 4 entering the Cold water.jpg 8 Friends in rubber.jpg 5 Frans and Martin.jpg 6 Martin in the shallows.jpg 7 Sarah on guard.jpg 11 group.jpg 9 Mick et al.jpg 12 Steve.jpg 13 Warren.jpg 10 Sue and Tash Herriman.jpg 14 before cycle.jpg 15 Martin.JPG 16 Caravan park.JPG