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Racing advice FAQ

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Cycling on steep downhill courses

Source: Steve Herriman

Question: I expect to encounter some steep descents in the Mallorca half-Ironman. Do you have any advice?

Steve replied:
“The descent is very technical with a large number of very tight switch backs, so the general advice is to ride well within your safe capabilities.”

General tips are:-

  • Descend quickly when the road is straight and you can see how sharp the corners are ahead
  • Brake before the corner not when you are going around it
  • If you have not reduced you speed enough before the corner and need to brake again then straight up the bike, brake hard then continue cornering
  • Do not cut the apex of the corner on the tight switchbacks these are usually rough and very steep and can throw you off balance
  • Take the corner in the middle of the road so you have a bit of road to drift into if you need it
  • Be aware of cyclist over taking you so keep a straight line and don’t do any sudden switches across the road
  • Be aware of the road surface, broken up tarmac, wet patches or gravel

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