MVH Tri Club Championship Races

The CLUB Handicap Championships & Veteran Handicap Championship

Designed to cater for the varied and rich spectrum of triathletes in MVH. Your race time is represented as a percentage of the time of the winning triathlete in your age group.  The winner of the age group on the race day would be given 100%.  In theory all triathletes, regardless of age can compete on an even playing field. For those less than 50 years old, the age group band is 5 years (with the exception of BRAT and Blithfield whereby results are published in 10 year age groups).  For those discerning triathletes greater than 50 year old (veteran championship), the age group span is 10 years. The lowest percentages from 3 races count.  Only one duathlon race result will be counted. The winner is the triathlete closest to an aggregate of 300%.

The NOVICE Handicap championships

If you are new to triathlon and this is your first or second season, this is the championship for you!  As in the Club Handicap Championship, the lowest percentages from 3 races count.   The winner is the triathlete closest to an aggregate of 300%. The 2017 selection of races is detailed below.  To win or be second in a championship you must compete in 3 races (as described above).


In the event of race times being published with no age group information, your time will be expressed as a percentage of the male/female winning time.


Club Aquathon

This year in a change of format the aquathon race will allow 2 awards. As per previous years there will be a handicap race, but this year there will also be an overall aquathon champion, whereby the fastest overall race time (male and female), will be awarded aquathon winner. The aquathon in its usual handicap format will also be run whereby each member is required to have entered at least 3 races, prior to the final race whereby competitors are then started in order so that we should have a sprint finish for the winner.


Club TT Bike Race

The club TT bike race will again take place as per previous years. Club members will have to have registered with MVH strava, as the strava time around the course will be used to select the winner. Male and female TT winners will be awarded. This year’s TT competition will run from 1st May until 31st August.

 This years club races are listed below. The distance races are highlighted in green. These will be the first pass the post club distance awards for 2017. Please see racing rules for more information.

Duathlon                MAX 1 from 2 EVENTS
Date Event Cost for BTF member
18th March Clumber Park Duathlon £40 Sprint         £45 for Standard
8th October Carsington Duathlon £39



Date Event Cost for BTF member
2rd July 2017 Foremarke Hall Triathlon £42.00
16th July 2017 Bosworth Sprint £52.00
10th Sept 2017 26th Derby Triathlon (Pool) £42.00
30th July 2017 Blithfield £46
6th August


BRAT £42.50


Date Event Cost for BTF member
17th June 2017 Dambuster Triathlon £66.00
16th July 2017 Bosworth Olympic £62.00
16th July 2017 Hathersage Hilly * £40.00
30th July 2017 Blithfield Triathlon £60
6th August


BRAT £47.50


Date Event Cost for BTF member
21st  May 2017 Outlaw Half Nottingham £150.00
4th June 2017 Cotswolds 113 £129.40
2nd July 2017 Outlaw Half Holkham £150.00
16th July 2017 Bosworth Middle £92.50
13th August 2017 Cotswold Classic £129.40
9th September 2017 The Vitruvian £134.00


Date Event Cost for BTF member
16th July 2017 Ironman Bolton £415+8%
23rd  July 2017 Outlaw Triathlon £292.00
13th August 2017 Ironman Hamburg €635+8% +£200 to Nirvana
10th September 2017 Ironman Wales £415+8%