Bosworth Triathlon Results 1st June 2014

Bosworth 4

Bosworth Triathlon proved to be a happy day for MVH athletes. 14 members took on the Sprint and Olympic distances as part of the club championship competition. Staggeringly 12 achieved a top 3 age group finish. It was a superb day for racing, clear skies, no wind but the promise of a rising temperatures added to the event. With the first wave starting at 0915 followed by well scheduled consecutive waves the transition area was always busy but never manic. The murky, weed infested waters of the lake were soon navigated without sight of the shoals of huge Carp that inhabit them. The 150m run to T1 was a little long but time enough to strip the wetsuit. It was here that competitors had their first glance at the huge club support that had turned out on race day. With a couple of dozen family and friends already making a healthy noise they were soon joined by the sizeable Sunday club riders. The club colours were well and truly on display and were certainly the most visible throughout the morning.

The fast bike circuit had little in the way of obstacles with a good surface, little traffic and was well marshalled. The absence of any wind meant it was fast times being recorded for many. T2 soon departed and 2 or 4 laps of the 2.5k lumpy trail circuit followed, in parts solid hardcore in others mud holes and boggy. For the most part a decent trail was evident. The run in to the finish was a spectators dream, with good views all round. The staggered starts meant a steady flow of finishers throughout the morning and as MVHers began to sight the finish line clapping, cheering and shouts of encouragement were reverberating around the finish line. Many PBs were claimed for this event and its easy to see why. The organisation was excellent, the course flat and fast, the weather perfect and the club support probably the best so far. A great day out for the club, with 12 podium places for the Age groupers. Brilliant.

1ST June 2014 Place 750m 21k 5k
Angus Falconer 3rd 00:17:32 00:39:59 00:18:13 01:17:37
Alex Clemmitt 3rd 00:17:39 00:40:03 00:20:50 01:21:08
James Hooley 6th 00:14:15 00:43:40 00:22:21 01:22:30
Amy Jo Hooley 2nd 00:18:32 00:47:43 00:26:40 01:35:34
BOSWORTH OLYMPIC Place 1500m 42k 10k TOTAL
Paul Jurszuk 1st 00:28:34 01:09:18 00:37:12 02:16:46
Jon Standen 3rd 00:28:11 01:13:49 00:39:58 02:24:47
Warren Simms 3rd 00:31:45 01:17:19 00:44:13 02:35:39
Sarah Jemmett 1st 00:31:19 01:22:51 00:40:34 02:36:32
Colin Mclean 1st 00:28:12 01:20:01 00:47:14 02:38:45
Anna Jaques 3rd 00:37:59 01:20:40 00:44:53 02:46:00
Phil Hall 11th 00:35:01 01:24:27 00:45:41 02:47:19
Michael Fishwick 2nd 00:34:51 01:24:18 00:47:03 02:49:45
Sarah Clarke 2nd 00:28:00 01:28:39 00:57:11 02:56:42
Jill Parker 3rd 00:34:19 01:36:40 00:59:35 03:14:09