MVH TT Course 2019

The course this year will start near to Catton Park and take in Croxall, Edingdale and Coton-in-the-Elms. It is a 10 mile course with a male and female winner at the end of the season (members only).

There is a gradual climb but this is a flat and fast course overall and the meteorologists amongst you will already be planning the best wind direction to make an attempt! Happy time-trialling!

Rules and Warnings are straightforward:

  1. These are public roads. The highway code must be observed at all times. The course is planned to avoid right turns across traffic and there are no traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. Regardless, it is important you remain in control and mindful there may be potholes and gravel on some corners and there may be parked cars, particularly in Edingdale and Coton.
  2. Commences on May 1st and ends 30th September
  3. You can have as many attempts on as you wish if they are solo attempts. There will be 2 organised group TT nights, dates to be announced.
  4. Strava will decide the winner and so you must register with Strava to log an attempt. We would encourage you to join the MVH group on Strava. If you choose not to then let the race coordinator know that you have made an attempt (especially if you have a a common name or use an alias!). Strava segment is titled MVH 10mile TT 2017
  5. No drafting of other bikes or vehicles is permitted. If you are going out as a group to attempt the course then please leave a gap at the start and observe triathlon/BTF rules on passing/being passed
  6. All push bikes including TT bikes are allowed
  • Distance 9.9mi
  • Avg Grade 0%
  • Lowest Elev 168ft
  • Highest Elev 302ft
  • Elev Difference 134ft

See route, profile and leader board here

Route Notes

Pre-start notes: Leave Walton heading towards Catton Park. Climb the short kicker and begin to descend between the trees WITH CARE (this is not the start….with good reason!).



As the road begins to level it swings to the left and you are approaching the start …… build speed now!


As the corner opens out you are presented with a long straight. Head Down! START!!!!!!!!



Next landmark is the chicane. CONTINUE around the chicane TO THE RIGHT (ignore the road up to the left on the chicane)



After you have passed Catton Park, you will approach the next left, easily identified by the low level fence and the outline of the hedgerow to the road off to the left. Look out for these features as the junction itself is concealed until late (signposted Croxall).  This is your LEFT TURN.

You will pass a few houses (Croxall) and then continue to Edingdale. Once you reach the village pass right through the other side and keep going. You will see a t-junction sign and your LEFT TURN appears signed for Coton in the Elms. Care on corner.


Continue to Coton. and enter the village to climb up towards the church spire and back out the village the other side. Continue until……..

The “WhiteHouse” where you take the LEFT TURN  back towards Catton.




You will pass one red brick house followed by the second pictured. Half a mile after this red house you will see a right bend coming that drops away steeply. THE COURSE ENDS BEFORE that right bend in line with the entrance to the field as marked by the finish line in black. Once you are dropping steeply in to the woods, you have definitely completed and you are encouraged to brake throughout the descent as the junction opens out on to the chicane at Catton. Take 5. Then head to Walton to try harder!