Member Articles

Below is a list of articles contributed by club members

(if you would like to contribute an article in a tri-related area or an experience of your running, cycling or swimming, please get in touch)

Paul Butler

Article: Mika Butler writes of her interview with long time member Brian Welsh who recently completed the Transcontinental London to Istanbul race ride from London. – Mika Butler, (September, 2013)

Article: Jonny Fitton reflects of his experience of the Blithfield triathlon competing with policemen, whippets, boy bands and not too much blue green algae. – Jonny Fitton, (August, 2013)

Article: MVH Club member Mika Butler writes of her discoveries about the origin of the Meynell name during a recent ride north west of Derby – Mika Butler, (March, 2013)

Article: A new member writes about her experience of her first MVH cycle ride – Emma Pegg, (January, 2013)

Article: Why some riders opt for a traditional seat material: leather – Paul Butler, (January, 2013)