Stratford Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Only one ancient MVH member turned up for the Stratford Sprint this year. And as he woke in the back of the van at 5.30 to the sound of the howling wind and driving rain he vaguely wondered what it was that he was doing with his life.

However he found himself at the swim start on time at 08.59.30. At this tri the faster swimmers go first. 12 lengths of the 33 metre pool in three different lanes. It quickly became clear that the estimated swim times people had entered had a lot more to do with wanting an early race to avoid the traffic build up later in the morning. It was bedlam in the water.

Apart from the 2 pelican crossings in the first 400m the bike course is pretty good – the hardest section was against the wind and up a gentle hill on a dual carriageway. Definitely a day to be down on the bars on a tri-bike. The ancient one rode this section a full 5 mins quicker than on a road bike last year.

The run course had been changed slightly due to flooding over the winter but its still a good run – if a bit soft underfoot.

Overall 63/397 – and 60-69, 1/15 an improvement of 7 mins and 200 places over last year.

Would I do it again – not unless they tighten up the swim time estimates.