MVH TT Course 2019

The course this year will start near to Catton Park and take in Croxall, Edingdale and Coton-in-the-Elms. It is a 10 mile course with a male and female winner at the end of the season (members only).

There is a gradual climb but this is a flat and fast course overall and the meteorologists amongst you will already be planning the best wind direction to make an attempt! Happy time-trialling!

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January Repton Swim Format

Due to a clear increase in swimming numbers at Repton on Saturday, we will be making the following change to the session and swim coaching with immediate effect, to try to help the session run more smoothly for the whole group.
There will no longer be a specific 30 mins coached session for lanes 4 to 6 from 7 to 7:30am. This will be a lane swim, as an extended warm up for the main session. From 7 to 7:30am coaches will be in attendance for guidance, help and a session will be noted on the white boards for this period.
There will be a lane 1 to 6 coached session from 7:35 to 8:30 am as usual.
We respectfully ask all swimmers to please get into your allocated lane from your CSS times or a suitable lane where you swim at a similar pace to the other swimmers – for the whole session, not just a few lengths. Its also important to swop the led swimmer as all those behind will be drafting – try to keep a  2 – 3m gap.
The max number per lane is 8 at any time. Please check before you get in a lane and also check during recovery / rests.
Please be aware people will be entering the lanes during this period – your help and co-operation between all parties is requested.
You may be asked to swop or change lane as more swimmers enter the pool or during the session.
CSS times are on the MVH Web Site and will be at hand on poolside – to check lane allocation.
If you don’t have a CSS time we request you urgently carry out a 400m and 200m TT in a local pool and email the times to the MVH email address so we can calculate your CSS time and revise the lane allocation.
We need your ongoing support in this busy time and thank you in advance of receiving this.
Any questions or queries, please email into the MVH web site or ask Dave Brayer or the coaches on pool side, we are here to help but very much need your support to make this work.
I will be coaching this Saturday with Phill Harrison and constructive feedback is always welcome., so we can take on board these comments.
If it works well let us know, if it doesn’t please let us know – politely *:) happy
All the best,
See you Saturday
Dave Brayer
Head Coach