MVH team success at PMA Derby Triathlon

Derby tri is always fiercely contested by MVH who like to battle out the “home rivalries”.

This year , MVH stepped it up a notch and took the team award for fastest three competitors over the line. Well done to Alex Mead, Ali Gower and (Veteran) Matt Wagstaffe for bringing it home. All 3 returned inside the hour. Some local clubs could hardly believe it. Superb.

Age group success also for Sally Kuman (age non-disclosed category) Jonny Fitton (somewhat older than he used to be category) and Ali Gower (speedy category). Click here for results


MVH goes long in 2015

2015 was always billed as an MVH club long distance year. So far it has not disappointed with incredible achievements from Iron-virgins such as The Chairman (Colin Mclean), Heidi Elliott and Mick Fishwick. Fantastic efforts from these guys.

And with IM Barcelona still to come, there is a lot more left for members to give before the season draws to a close.