Middle & Long Distance Racing 2017

MVH has never had a shortage of members ready to tackle the longer races.

Having alternated the “long-course” club A-race between “half” and “full” in recent years, 2017 brought us another full Ironman event overseas with laudable participation! But they are not the only MVH’ers with long tales of nutrition strategy, shuffling and cheerleaders……….


Cotswold’s Training Weekend

This year fourteen revellers made the trip to Crudwell (nr Malmesbury) to enjoy a weekend of carefully blended training and socialising.

These are always challenging but inclusive weekends for members and ‘significant others’ to get to spend some time together. If you have ever thought about joining in, but not quite done it yet, then read on and get a flavour of how these weekends provide a fun, friendly & rewarding contrast to the weekly routine.