New: Xmas-belly-bum-phobia? Best turn up then on Saturday 29th December

Xmas-belly-bum-phobia.  Are you suffering from this devastating disorder?  It typically strikes young fit triathletes at about this time of year. So we’re ALL vulnerable!  It’s main symptom is the awful realisation that when donning one’s lycra you appear to have been sculpted by a balloon modeller from a children’s party. Except you have Ron Hill written in really BIG letters on your sausage-like legs.

Never fear fellow MVHers! There is a cure!  Saturday Dec. 29th.  Jonny Fitton’s house 9:30 am.  Bike-Run-Bike.  About 40 mins. bike to the village of Shirley, parking up bikes behind the pub.  40ish minutes of mixed terrain running through Osmaston Park.  Back on bikes. Back to JF’s house for refreshments.

This will be on unless the roads are icy, or it is dangerously wet or we are too fat.

What to bring.  Old trainers/X-country shoes. Bike lock. Rucksack.  Bin-liner for muddy gear.  Appropriate gear to keep you warm.

This is meant to be fun and we will travel as a group.  However you will feel tired and you will get muddy.  And your bum/belly might shrink.


Dale End Rd.
DE65 5FW

directions: turn up Dale End Rd. next to the King’s Head pub. in Hilton.  The house is about 100m up on the left with a long hedge and a greenhouse.  Park where you can or be cheeky and use the pub carpark.