Swimming At Abbotts Bromley every Thursday 7.30pm

The second coached swimming session of the week is on a Thursday at 7.30pm at Abbotts Bromley School.

A 6 lane – 23m pool – that rewards you with thinking you are swimming faster lengths.  (Nothing to do with fact that pool length is 2 metres shorter!)

Following the success of last year, MVH together with Burntwood Tri Club have booked the Abbotts Bromley school swimming pool for the winter 2013 season.

A superb session, the coached session complements the Saturday swim session, following a similar programme.  With a mix of MVH and Burntwood coaches.

At least two swim sessions a week does make a difference to the development of technique and in the supporting swim conditioning and endurance.

Directions to the venue – are on the swim venues page.

See you Thursday…