Juniors Inter-regional Championships 2013 – Saturday 31st August at Eton Dornay


This year’s event will increase the number of Tri Star 2 athletes racing per region with three boys and three girls being able to compete.

The same number of athletes will compete in the Tri Star 3 category, creating a team of 12 athletes in total.

The 2013 event will not include a youth category following recommendations in the 2011 British Triathlon Competition Review; however, Eton Dorney will also host an elite youth and junior race, which will be included in the 2013 British Triathlon Youth and Junior Super Series.

East Midlands  IRC selection criteria

Our Tri-Star 2 and Tri-Star 3 team members will be selected from their performances in the following 3 races.

Sunday 7th  April  – Mark Tanton Triathlon.  Link here.

Sunday 23rd June – Derby Junior Triathlon.  Link here.

Sunday 7th  July   – Eton Dornay – SuperTri Childrens Open Water  –  TS2 Fun;TS3  High Perf Draft.  Link here.

The decision for team selection will be made by the East Midlands Committee, who will use the results from these races via assessing Points/Placement ; Head to head results ; Eton Dornay performance – to help in formulating the final team member selection.

It is intended to announce the full team and reserves by Sunday 14th July. This decision will be final.

For further information please Sarah Brayer, East Midlands Junior Series Co-ordinator – sarahjbrayer@hotmail.co.uk