Bala Training Week-end – 29th/30th June – The Timetable of Events!!

Here is the timetable for the week-end.  Also looks like we have about 20 people going!  

(If you are planning to go to Bala at the week-end and have not received an individual email from me – please email me to let me know when you are arriving and where you are staying)   NB There are plenty of spaces available at Glanllyn campsite if you want to go last minute!Friday. MVH People in white lion restaurant/bar at 8pm to 10pm.  I can be contacted on 07950 492322.  I have reserved a table (in White Lion) for up to 10 people from 8.15pm.

Saturday morning 0900hrs. Swim. 1km to 2km swim but it’s awesomely beautiful…Location:  Glanllyn camping/caravan site ; 2.5miles south of Bala with Lake on left.  (post code LL23 7SS). Stop at gate and pay the ladies £5 per car.  This allows parking and use of showers.  They are expecting MVH Tri Club – so should not be surprised!


Drive through the campsite to far end and parking by lakeside.  Meet by the MVH flags at Lake side.   Steve and Warren are organisers for the swim.  We may split up into novice and experienced swimmers.
From Glanllyn Campsite:  1100hrs. Cycle possibly including a carefully judged stop
Martin Covey to lead 50ish mile hill climb and welsh countryside stunning route
Sue Herriman to lead shorter route – flatter Lake views route – with eh… undulations.  Also stunning views.

After Cycle:  Immediately into run.  (It’s a training week-end)  Two options 5km and 10km.
Lead is Warren Simms.  Run is north on pavement track up Lakeside to Bala and return is 10km.  Slighly undulating but broadly ok.
There is a good shower block at the campsite for which use is included in the £5 per car.

Saturday evening

Instead of BBQ at campsite.  This has been changed to White lion restaurant meal.  I have booked a table for 7:30 to 8pm for up to 20 people. 

Sunday – swim 1000hrs
Location:  Glanllyn camping/caravan site  (post code LL23 7SS). Stop at gate and pay the ladies £5 per car.  This allows parking and use of showers
Sunday Cycle 1100ish short – Martin Covey to lead 30mile Lake excursion
Sunday: Pub lunch option in Bala afterwards 1300-1330hrs
A happy training week-end for all.
Colin McLean