*New: Paul Anderson’s results from New Zealand Ironman are in…

MVH man Paul Anderson has set his sights on Kona, Hawaii – the ultimate triathlon event where only the best of the best get to race.

First stage is to qualify at a recognised Ironman event.

That will be New Zealand then…  Start the season with purpose!

In New Zealand – Paul finished 60th male overall and 13th in age group.  The top 4 of his age group qualify.  However if this is a training ironman – early season – look at the times Paul posted.

Swim: 54:16 (1:23 per 100m)
Bike: 5:09:22 (Ave 34.91 kph)
Run: 3:53:09 (5:31 per km)

Overall: 10:04:33

Paul’s next ironman race is Lanzarote in May.

And what was the 4th place time in Paul’s age group?  9:37:35

and the top 5.  5th in age group was 9:48:03. You have to conclude – Kona is almost in reach!!