First 6 MVH Tri Club Championship Races

Following John Shelton-Smith’s work on the championship rules for 2013, here are the first 6 races. A list for the full year and category definitions are available here.[printme]

First 6 MVH Tri Club Championship Races 2013
Date Event Category Details More information
9th March Race 1 Dambuster Standard  Cat A Senior / Vets A corker of a season opener this duathlon not only is this the GB Age Group National Championships but also a European and Worlds Qualifier. Pacesetter events
11th May
Race 1 Clumber Sprint 
Novice Happiness is a duathlon set in the woodland trails and roads around Clumber Park. Always a good event. One Step Beyond
11th May Race 2 Clumber Standard Cat A Senior / Vets  Clumber Park – the real duathlon test. The 2nd of the Worlds Duathlon Qualifier. Expect this to be a a big effort for early in the season. One Step Beyond
12th May Race 3 Stratford Sprint  Novice Enjoy the course which is set around the historic town of Stratford upon Avon. In addition there will also be a Triathlon Expo with lots of stuff to buy… UK Triathlon
26th May Race 3  Grendon Sprint  Cat B Senior / Vets  A superb event and a European qualifier. Well worth the journey into Northamptonshire for that first open water sprint for the Seniors and Vets Championship. Just Racing UK
1st June Race 4 Nottingham Sprint Novice & Senior / Vets  Having used Mallory and/or Grendon as the warm up event, Nottingham hosts the GB Age Group championship and this is also a world qualifier for London 2013. Bring it on…. One Step Beyond
8th June Race 5 BRAT Sprint Fresh after Nottingham, The Brat is a first class local event. Always popular, held at the picturesque West Midlands Water Ski Centre – just a few miles north of Birmingham city centre and boasting top-notch facilities for both competitors and spectators.  3D Tri
8th June Race 5 Beaver Middle Distance  Cat A Senior / Vets A real tough test for competitors. The swim is ok but the run to transition – testing. The cycle route is mostly fast and then the run. Always a good idea to have practiced hill running before arrival at the Beaver hill run course. Just Racing UK
9th June Race 6 Speedy Beaver   Novice A superb open water swim location in front of the castle but the water is somewhat murky. Fast cycle with one hill climb. Run may test summer fitness.  Just Racing UK