Saturday Swim – 3rd November, Repton Pool

The Saturday swim at Repton will be a 400m TT followed by a 200mm TT to get everyones CSS – Critical Swim Speed.

Its OK to do some speed work as part of your training and race simulation is key even during the winter to keep you mentally strong, it just needs to be a much smaller quantity compared with the longer slower / lower heart rate training during this period.

This is a key milestone and test to help in every ones training programmes.

*Its really important that everyone attends to do the two time trials.*

There will be a recovery period between each swim while others do the timed swim.

We will also be logging peoples stroke rate and times per 50m so they can have a better understanding of how they swim a 400m and 200m.

The previous results were very interesting.

We will be looking for good pacing and not going off too fast for the 1st couple of lengths but have a more consistent pace and finish strong, smooth and fast.

many thanks,

all the best, see you Saturday

Dave Brayer