Stratford Triathlon 12th May – MVH Experiences!!

Stratford sprint triathlon…   So what was it really like?

Two MVH-ers share there perspectives.

Phil and the rack…

Well Stratford -it’s an interesting one let’s say.  Got there nice and early just to get the bearings etc.  Half hour before my start I thought time to rack the wife (sorry I mean bike, must stop saying that) but got stopped from entering transition, I was told I was too early, mmmm really, ok I thought. So I was finally allowed in 20 minutes before my start.  The next challenge finding a place to rack the wife (oh you know what I mean) just about got a place, but was tight. My tip, earlier you start the better it is for space..

The Swim, not my strongest leg let’s say (and yes Colin – I have made contact with Dave Brayer) 4 lengths under the rope, 4 again and under the rope, and 4 more to finish, thought I was in a game show….right how do you do this again, oh yeah run for the bike, oh joy somebody had racked their bike so close to mine it was tangled, this really is a game show.

The Bike, yes I’m free.  Now before the race you get told about the traffic lights, simple – don’t go through on red or your race will be over, marshal’s will be there so if you get stopped by the dreaded red light, times will be deducted.  So first one, yes it was green, second one, yes 2 in a row, third one, bugger….. get past the light section and it’s a lovely ride, get’s even better once you have done the gentle climb, as it’s a nice fast downhill back to the leisure centre.

The Run, oh yeah I remember that feeling from the bike, where have the legs gone. Nice flat run, jog, canter, call it what you like. Off towards the river and back twice.

Now I know Jonny would rather have a brew after his race, but I went for a pint of Guinness and a burger at the pub by the river and relax….

Overall good to be back racing….

Phil Hall


Angus & Gemma Falconer – our first ever triathlon!!

The Stratford Tri.   It was our first ever tri for both of us so really pleased with our finish results.

A couple of ‘observations’:
–         Swim was great fun, reminded me of the ‘snake’ on Saturday mornings moving through the lanes.

–         Apparently the bike course was beautiful. I was more worried about my number coming off due to the cr*p safety pins they provided and so didn’t really notice the scenery. Key learning, wear a number belt next time. Toughest part was definitely turning onto the main road back into stratford to go up the only hill on the course, straight into the wind, with lorries passing you at 50mph.  A nice downhill sprint back into town though made up for it.

–         The run was a lovely course along the riverside, helped on by young army cadets keeping you motivated along the way.

–         Overall a really enjoyable first experience for both of us and both really excited to do the next one (which is open water at Blenheim!!!)

Angus Falconer

PS: Oh, and big thanks to Jonny Fitton who kindly showed Gem and I how to set up our transition area properly