MVH Go to Europe 2014 – Your Options?

Thanks to Sarah Clark for compiling the following analysis on the three options for a MVH Tri Club European tour 2014.

Anyone for a 70.3 – half Ironman.  Oh Yes… I think so!!   So far we have at least 12 interested.

To help understand the choices see below:

 Options for a MVH Tri Club European tour 2014
Event Challenge Vichy Ironman 70.3 Weisbaden Ironman 70.3 Zell Am See, Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg
Location France Germany Austria  Luxemburg
Approx date (2013) 31 Aug 10 Aug 31 Aug 07 Sept
Approx cost 150 euro 240 euro Approx 200 euro 220 euro
Dist from Calais (approx drive time) 692 (6hrs ) 583km (5hrs 14mins) 1,156km (10hrs 42mins) 443km (4hrs 5mins)
Fly from Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Gatwick
Fly to Lyon Frankfurt Munich Lux City
Approx start time 0800 0730 1000 0800
Wave start No Yes Yes Yes
Mass start Yes No No No
Swim dist 1.9km 1.9km 1.9km 1.9km
Bike dist 90km 90km 90km 90km
Run dist 21km 21.1km 21.1km 21.1km
Closed roads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bike profile (to alt m) Mainly flat (800m) undulating (1450m) Mainly flat (800m) Mainly flat (600m)
Run profile Flat Flat Flat Flat
Spectator friendly so/so Yes Yes Yes
Cut off time 7 hrs!! 8 hrs 8hr 30mins 8 hrs
Ad info Full dist on same day! River swim!
School hols 2014 Staffs 21 July 2014 – 01 Sept inc
  Derbyshire 24 July – 04 Sept inc