Cycling… Level crossings… Trains!!

MVH member Sylvia Franklin spotted the following article.  Kindly reproduced here.

A sobering read…

Summary of cycling accident report

This is an extract from an accident report undertaken by the Rail Accident Investigation Bureau.

At around 16:32 hrs on 2 May 2012, a cyclist who was using the footpath and bridleway level crossing at Kings Mill, near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, was struck and fatally injured by a passenger train travelling at about 56 miles per hour (90 kilometres per hour).

The cyclist rode over the crossing into the path of the train.  He was unaware of the train’s approach, probably because he had not looked towards it after passing through the gate protecting the crossing and he was wearing earphones, which probably prevented him from hearing warnings sounded by the train’s horn.


There are times when MVH cycle groups arrive at level crossings.  Ok – so we are better dressed and with the more impressive road bikes but the photo below is a gentle reminder to us all ….


Cyclists at the Moors Gorse level crossing near Hednesford in Staffordshire Photo: ITV Central