MVH week ending 18th November

This week it’s mainly been about recovering…

Winter training is in full flow.  Even when the temperatures approach the zero degrees C line and the red snowflake light is illuminated on the car dashboard it only means you will need to add another base layer and crack on.

The Tuesday run at Bannantynes saw a group of 20 runners take to the streets.  A good turnout considering the run was following on from several hours of rain.  The Tuesday run continues to be popular and really does work for all abilities, as the run is a series of shorter legs in which the faster runners loop back.

Thursday swim was the last swim before the swimmers pull on those dragshorts.  You know you want too.  Abbotts Bromley is definitely worth the journey for the 1st of the weeks coached swimming sessions.

Saturday saw almost as many in the cafe afterwards as in the pool in the morning.  No doubt, its a great way to start a Saturday.

Sunday and 11 MVH added extra base layers and thermal hats under cycle helmets for the zero deg C start on stunningly sunny day.  70-75% of max heart rate and cadence above 90 was the focus as the group took in 31 miles of country lanes.  Nobody had a clue where they were bar Martin but that didn’t seem to matter – the views and the company were excellent.

As you do the occassional pause in conditioning cycling occurred.  Sometimes for those natural calls but also for other reasons.  Today the group stopped to observe the complex working of the chain that refused to back pedal.  Don’t ask…  Then to challenge he who defies all logic by wearing branded MVH shorts upside down.  You can read the logo when he lies front down on the ground – which is useful.  And while almost forgiven, the same person confessed to marrying his wife because of her talent in washing his extensive collection of bicycles!  Yes never a dull moment.

Thankfully the sun was kind during these interludes.

Another week closes in.  And new MVH clothing gets a first airing…