*NEW MVH at Burntwood Aquathlon

Burntwood Aquathlon takes place twice a year in October and March and its usually bloody freezing. In March 2013 it was actually snowing as we left the pool in trisuits to run 5.5k. However March 9th this year dawned a beautiful warm sunny morning and Alex Heron, Chris West and Stewart Williams met up to discuss tactics over a coffee at 9.30am. As always Burntwood was well organised and a lot of fun. Unusually, for a pool competition, there is a warm-up pool.


Alex – Swim 07.56 Run 24.55 pos. Supervets (50+) 5th

Chris- Swim 08.49  Run 24.31 Pos Supervets 6th

Stewart – Swim 09.51 Run 30.59 Pos Vets (40+) 26th