*NEW: Clitheroe Triathlon 14th April – Results

The Clitheroe Triathlon’ April 2013 by Alex Heron

What a day! Wind was blowing around 50kph on Jeffrey Hill, there was driving rain, standing and running water, gravel, cowshit and plenty of potholes courtesy of last winter.

You really could not see the road surface. On top of that the climb up Jeffrey peaked at 1:5 which I have too admit to jogging for 100 meters up the worst bit.

I’m afraid I chickened out a bit on the ride and feathered the brakes almost all the downhill stretches in the interests of survival.

Great organisation and a good weekend away in Clitheroe. Roll on summer!

Clitheroe Triathlon Total Time

Position in Age Group



30km Cycle

7km run

Alex Heron 2:07:13