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If you’re looking for a triathlon club in the Midlands that will help you to improve your fitness, to meet like-minded people, to develop triathlon skills or to get serious coaching, you have come to the right place. We are proud of our reputation as a friendly and supportive club to all enjoying the sport of triathlon. We are known for our great coaches, encouraging approach and popular social events.

April - the month ahead
Spring has arrived, sun and more sun, nature at its best and for MVH-ers out comes summer bikes and ‘up the pace’ training.  Training camps in Majorca, cycling sportives, hill training, gutsy crowded swims around buoys in the Repton swimming pool.  The season is upon us.  

Time rushes toward the 3rd of May – MVH “open water swimming day” – when the Lavender Patch opens for the start of season ice-cream head and to those early season conversations “my wetsuit has shrunk over winter again…”  ”Mine too…”.  

Meanwhile as cycling sportives fall over each other to attract our attention two MVH-ers with the MVH cycling tour car take an early spring 60 miler

MVH Cyclists - with the MVH Tour car...
The Race season has commenced and strength building with some speed will be on some agendas and training plans.

This can be the time of the season where most injuries are caused. Why?

Some will think I haven’t done enough training and ramp up the durations and intensities too much and too quickly. Others will introduce much higher intensity sessions with lots of fast reps having done no or very little speed work over the winter.

If you’ve been introducing strength and speed work over the winter – great keep it going and crank it up a notch. If you haven’t and you have some early races think about introducing some speed (when fully warmed up) – start of with short durations, longer recoveries and only do a couple or so then see how you feel. Add some more later in the week or the following week when you’ve had a chance to see how you feel over the next few days post a harder session.

Strength is still high on the agenda this month and needs to continue. Spice up a long run or bike ride with some hills and the occasional speed work once your well warmed up.

Also keep doing the long easy bikes and the long easy run – this is key for a good season ahead.

Always keep listening to your body during this change in intensity and duration. Give yourself permission to take it easy during a session if you don’t feel great or even take a day off but if you’re feeling good keep the training going and keep building on that great base endurance.

The key to improved performance is consistency and continuing to building up your endurance and strength. If you miss a session or a couple of days it’s important to go back to where you last were don’t skip onto the next phase or session. If you miss longer then you may have to go back further.

Happy April training to all and look ahead for some warm up races in March/ April!

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